The Ministries is governed by a board of dedicated Christian men from cities across the Southwest. They are committed to ensuring that we honor God by maintaining the highest moral, ethical, and financial standards and practices possible. If you would like to contact any of our board members, please send an e-mail. If you desire a response from a specific board member, please include their name in the subject line of your e-mail message.
<b>Don & Pearl Anderson</b>

Don & Pearl Anderson

President & Vice President
Bible Teaching Resources
Tyler, Texas

<b>Barney Allen</b>

Barney Allen

(pictured with his wife Sandy)

Owner - East Texas Containers
Tyler, Texas

<b>Jimmy Bilderback</b>

Jimmy Bilderback

(pictured with his wife Sonia)

Colleyville, Texas

<b>Tom Cochran</b>

Tom Cochran

(pictured with his wife Joan)

Retired Banker - Ranch investments
Fort Worth, Texas

McKinney Memorial Bible Church (Fort Worth) – Fellowship Committee Chairman,
Chairman – SkyBall NAS-JRB Carswell Field, Fort Worth, Texas,
Director-Past Chairman – Fort Worth AirPower

<b>Pat Hawkins</b>

Pat Hawkins

(pictured with his wife Cindy)

Fort Worth, Texas

Sr. Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank Texas,
Elder, McKinney Memorial Bible Church,
Board Member, Union Gospel Mission

<b>Dick Knarr</b>

Dick Knarr

(pictured with his wife Ethel)

Family Practice Physician - Trinity Mother Frances Health Systems
Tyler, Texas

<b>Ronnie Marroquin</b>

Ronnie Marroquin

(pictured with his wife Carol)

President - Rutherford Communications
Belton, Texas

Part-time Volunteer on Ministries projects

<b>Don Mcwhinney</b>

Don Mcwhinney

(pictured with his wife Lillie )

Bluebonnet Hospice & Home Care, Chaplain
Holly Lake Ranch, Texas

<b>John Miller</b>

John Miller

(pictured with his wife Loretta)

Retired Anesthesiologist
Granbury, TX

<b>Brian Mills</b>

Brian Mills

(pictured with his wife Karen)

Retired Air Force,
Business Counselor and Church Business Manager Member - McKinney Memorial Bible Church (Fort Worth),
Co-founder of Catapult.Org
Benbrook, TX

<b>Mike Rodgers</b>

Mike Rodgers

(pictured with his wife Jane)

Criswell College
Bible Teaching Resources
Dallas, Texas

Editor of The Grapevine & other BTR book projects

<b>Don Saddoris</b>

Don Saddoris

(pictured with his wife Fran)

Retired Engineer
Granbury, Texas

Members at Lakeside Baptist Church, Granbury, TX
Supports several missionary works
Leads a home Bible Study in their area.

<b>Kenneth Stanford</b>

Kenneth Stanford

(pictured with his wife Carolyn)

Granbury, TX

<b>Tres Ward</b>

Tres Ward

(pictured with his wife Julia)

Part owner of a machine shop
Self-employed Computer Consultant
Wichita Falls, TX

<b>Barry Watts</b>

Barry Watts

(pictured with his wife Julia)

MD, Diagnostic Radiologist
Radiology Associates of Tarrant County
Fort Worth, Texas

Elder - McKinney Memorial Bible Church,
Supporters of Young Life
Search Ministries
Campus Crusade for Christ
Tarrant Net