Financially, Bible Teaching Resources is supported by interested friends who recognize that the organization depends solely upon their contributions. We are not affiliated with any particular denomination, foundation, or income-providing entity. It is not our practice to collect offerings, and we seldom even initiate letting our needs be known. We believe that God will provide for His work done His way. We have seen Him graciously, faithfully care for us through the years.

The Ministries is governed by a board of dedicated Christian men from cities across the Southwest. They are committed to ensuring that we honor God by maintaining the highest moral, ethical, and financial standards and practices possible. All staff members and employees of the Ministries are directly responsible to the board for their personal and professional behavior. Kathleen, Karen and Pearl are instrumental in the smooth operations of our office and the strict accounting for the resources God gives us through His people.

ECFA_Charter_Final_CMYKThe Ministries is also a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), formed in 1979. ECFA has established rigorous financial standards(that the Ministries follows to retain its ECFA membership) to assure the financial accountability and integrity of its members. The Ministries is audited annually by an independent public accounting firm and adheres strictly to ECFA’s membership standards.