The Grapevine is our publication with articles of interest, regular features, and news from the Ministries.  Editor Jane Rodgers always provides a beautiful and valuable publication. The Grapevine is mailed free of charge to individuals, families and businesses on our mailing list.

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Winter 2017

Included: From The Editor

Letter from the Board of Directors

The Preservation Project 2 Timothy 2:15 by Genevieve Martin

The Legacy of My Father by Donna Anderson Skorkeim

Sweet Memories by Genevieve Martin & Kathleen Leo

Well Done, Faithful Servant: A Timeline of Don Anderson’s Life & Ministry

Don Anderson: I Made It! Wow, What a Ride! by Jane Rodgers

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Spring 2016


Included: Down and Not Out: We Are Still Here by Don Anderson

Pearl’s Reflections: A Report on Prison Ministry

Google Hangout

A New Focus

Mister “Make It Happen”: A Tribute to Robert White

A Servant’s Heart

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Winter 2016


Included: Come What May by Don Anderson

From the BTR Board by Brian Mills

Word Search

From Mike Rodgers

Wind River & Pine Cover

Pearl’s Reflections: Precious Memories


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Fall 2015


Included:  Hang on Tight & Do The Right by Don Anderson

Thank You from Green Acres

Lessons From Disciples

Farewell to the Firs

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Summer 2015

2015 Summer GV Cover

Included: Beholding the Glory of the Lord by Don Anderson

Letters from Prison by Pearl Anderson

The Maverick Way by Red Steagall

Fax cont. (Memorial Gift)

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Spring 2015

2015 Spring GV

Included: You Saved the Best for Last by Don Anderson

In the Holy Land with Huckabee by Donna Anderson Skorheim

“What an Awesome God” by Jake Billingsley

Reflections on the Resurrection

Pearl’s Reflections by Pearl Anderson

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Winter 2015

GV Winter 2015 CoverIncluded: T Minus Zero: The On Time Arrival of the Heavenly Gift by Don Anderson

Christmas Greetings

FAX (Recipe, A New Home, Tech Upgrades)

Pearl’s Reflections by Pearl Anderson

The Cowboy Christmas Story by Sam Davis FAX cont. (Bookshelf, Mailbag, Memorial Gifts)

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Fall 2014

Cover Fall 2014 GV WebsiteIncluded: Climbing the Mountain of Unceasing Gratitude to God by Don Anderson

Introducing David Guice & Skype Technology by Karen Domel

My Tribute to the Knarrs / My Apologies by Don Anderson

FAX (Memorials & Gifts, Pearl’s Reflections, Recipe, Mailbag)

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Summer 2014

2014 Summer GV for Web & OPIncluded: Let’s Carry It the Distance by Don Anderson

BTR Discipleship: Looking for a Few FAT Christians by Jane Rodgers

FAX (Recipe, BTR Tech Upgrades by Karen Domel)

Pearl’s Reflections by Pearl Anderson

The Circuit Rider by Kenneth Wyatt

FAX cont. (Bookshelf, Mailbag, Gifts & Tour)

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Winter 2014

Winter GV 2014 CoverIncluded: The Gift of Grace at Christmas by Don Anderson

From the Board by Jane Rodgers

The Fruitless Fig Tree by Don Anderson

Pearl’s Reflections: The Path of Life by Pearl Anderson

FAX (Recipe, Bookshelf, Gifts & Tour)

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Fall 2013

GV Fall 2013 Cover jpegIncluded: Focused and Flexible by Don Anderson

Tom Prothro: Meet the Top CPA in Texas by Jane Rodgers

God’s Provision for the Final Stretch by Don Anderson

The Wonderful Resources of Technology God has Provided by Karen Domel

FAX (Recipe, Pearl’s Reflections, 60 Years, Resources & Bookshelf)

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Summer 2013

Summer-2013-GV-Jpeg-CoverIncluded: An Incredible Journey by Don Anderson

80 Years Young by Carl Low

FAX (Pearl’s Reflections, Resources & Bookshelf)

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Spring 2013

Spring-2013-GV-Jpeg-CoverIncluded: Cover Ups Fear the Consequences by Don Anderson

Pine Cove: Transforming Lives for 45 Years

Q & A with Mario Zandstra by Jane Rodgers

FAX (Recipe, Pearl’s Reflections, Resources & Bookshelf)

Homework: Christian camping is a family investment by Walter Wilhelmi

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Winter 2013

WI2013-coverIncluded: The Star Still Shines by Don Anderson

Coach’s Clipboard: Original 1973 publication by Don Anderson

Christmas Letters from BTR & the Board by Jane Rodgers

FAX (Recipe, Pearl’s Reflections, Resources, Gifts & Sponsors & Bookshelf)

Cowboy Poetry: A Time to Stay, a Time to Go by Baxter Black

Winter Tour

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Fall 2012

FA12GVcoverIncluded: Due Diligence by Don Anderson

Teaching for Eternity by Don Anderson

Forty Years: From Floppy Disks to a 21st Century Focus by Jane Rodgers

FAX (Recipe, Pearl’s Reflections, Resources & Bookshelf)

Homework: Turning the Big Ship Around by Don Anderson

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Summer 2012

SU12GVcoverIncluded:Persevering & Pressing On by Don Anderson

Celebrating 40 Years  by Don Anderson

Gleanings from My Devotional Readings by Pearl Anderson

FAX (Recipe, Resources & Bookshelf)

And They Call It Puppy Love by Donna Anderson Skorheim

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