BTR 40th Anniversary 2012

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Dear Friends of BTR:

     Over the last almost 44 years, Don and I have ministered to you and thousands of others.  We have had the time of our lives serving you and especially our Lord and Savior.  All of us are jealous that Don is now sitting at the feet of Jesus.
     Don’s passing on July 27th (2016) has caused us to write a new chapter for Bible Teaching Resources.  Don wanted so much to make available all of his research, Bible studies, books and study materials to others. There is a wealth of materials we want to preserve. We are also planning to issue a final memorial edition of the Grapevine wherein we hope to capture the essence of Don’s ministry over the years.
     The Board of Directors has approved this project to preserve Don’s ministry materials.  We have always depended on God’s provision and never requested more than what God provided.  Would you prayerfully consider a one-time over and above gift to support this special preservation project.
     We want to thank each and every one of you for your faithful financial support of the ministry over these past 44 years and would be honored to have your support continue as we complete Don’s work. We love you for being part of our ministry.  Please stay tuned to the BTR website for updates on the ministry.  Soon you will find on the website a link to the video of Don’s memorial service.  It will be a blessing to you.
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(December 2016)
The Bible Teaching Resources Preservation Project is working tirelessly to make Don’s research, Bible studies, books and study materials. In the 2017 Winter Grapevine, you can read more about this project. Below are examples of the 2 Timothy Chapter 6 documents and audio files but here is an update from the Bible Teaching Resources Board.

Dear Friends of Bible Teaching Resources,

This is an update/status report from the Bible Teaching Resources Board. First, the Board wants to thank you for being a part of this ministry. As those of you who have followed and participated in Don’s 44+ years of ministry know, he was a very special man. It has now been almost one year since Don passed. We hope he is looking down from heaven and is pleased that his ministry continues and the lives he impacted are many. We miss him dearly.

The project to capture, organize and display in digital form his ministry study and teaching materials continues. We estimate our progress is in the neighborhood of 40% complete and still are hopeful for a year-end finish. The end result will be available on the internet for all to use. One interesting fact I want to share with you is that we were able to take some audio reels we found and convert them to an Mp3 format for current day listening. What’s amazing about this is these recordings were from 1966, some of Don’s earliest messages! We also found some very early TV recordings Don made and are making these available too.

During the process of preserving Don’s materials, we also noted that we have several extra copies of past Great While Before Day devotionals and the magazine: Grapevine. If you would like some of these back issues that you may have missed, please contact our office. Of course, all his books and study materials are still available on this website.

I am also pleased to report that Pearl is doing well and is continues to sign every contribution receipt, everyone with a personal note from her. She, like us are so grateful for your prayers and support.

The Board is actively working on the future of BTR and I hope to report some exciting news in my next update. Stay turned.

Brian Mills, Chair

2 Timothy 6.1 MP3 file