Bible Teaching Resources offers excellent resources to help you better understand and apply timeless truths from Scripture. Here is just a sampling of the available audio resources on CD, MP3 download and DVD:

Books of the Bible

In this series, verse-by-verse studies tackle difficult issues and bring unclear verses into focus. You won’t just learn the Bible — we’ll show you how to do what it says.  Choose from over two dozen titles.

Topical Studies

Don’s topical studies are solidly based on the timeless truths of Scripture and are designed to instruct, encourage, strengthen, and inform those seeking insight into life’s problems. Choose from a dozen titles, including “The Mid-Life Crisis— Experience from the Heart of Ecclesiastes” featured here.

Biblical Biographies

Discover fascinating life lessons from men and women of the Bible as Don brings biblical characters to life. Investigate their backgrounds, examine their motives, explore their joys, and share their heartaches. Choose from 11 titles.

Marriage Series

Bible Teaching Resources also produces special Marriage Series for couples who wish to discover the keys to victory over common relationship barriers and create a satisfying and God-honoring marriage. Most series include professionally produced video tapes as well as a corresponding workbook — ideally designed for small groups.