Study Guides

Study Guides

Study Guides have been prepared for each message series. The study guides found on this page are for those series that have not yet been made available in “Don’s Toolbox.” They are for your personal use and for use by Bible study groups.

Old Testament Study Guides

In the following Old Testament series, verse-by-verse studies tackle difficult issues and bring unclear verses into focus.


Need help handling stress? Solving interpersonal struggles? Or coping with life’s transitions? The following topical studies, solidly based on the timeless truths of Scripture, are designed to instruct, encourage, strengthen and inform those seeking insight into life’s problems.

Biblical Biographies

Discover fascinating life lessons as Don brings Bible characters to life. Learn their backgrounds, examine their motives, explore their joys and share their heartaches. What can men and women of Scripture teach us today? More than you can imagine!

Additional Tools

Here are some extra resources that may come in handy!

BTR Bible Teacher Training

Teacher Tools

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Recommended books, software and websites Don utilized in his study and teaching of the Word.

Bible Teacher Training Resources

Making a Fresh Start

Marriage Series Resources

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Recommended verses and books used by Don to compile the marriage series “Making a Fresh Start.”

“Making a Fresh Start” Marriage Series 

Breaking Barriers to Intimacy

Marriage Series Resources

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A useful outline of the barriers to intimacy in a marriage, recommended reading and other helpful tools Don used in completing the series “Breaking Barriers to Intimacy.”

“Breaking Barriers to Intimacy” Marriage Series